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History of Satta

Gambling History in India (Satta Desawer)

Satta Desawer is most famous in delhi for gambling.Don’t get shocked, because it’s true. India also has a gambling history and you all must have heard about it. In India, the gambling started far before, during the time of kings.

You all would have heard about the gambling tale from one of our famous Indian Epic, The Mahabharata. And you all must be aware of that how the Pandavas lost everything to the Kaurava’s including their wife Draupadi as well. Since then the Gambling is going on in India with various name like Satta Desawer, Gali Desawer etc.

But in earlier days it wasn’t considered that bad as it was taken as a way to connect with your friends and foes both. Many kings lost their properties in gambling, some of them were even imprisoned and were made slave as well. But still, it didn’t stop and is still going on today as well.

Ancient Gambling Games in India(gali desawer)

Unlike ancient times this time, there are so many games added to the list of Gambling. But in ancient times there were limited gambling games. The games which were introduced at that time were mostly board games.

The games were Pachisi, Chaturanga also known as shatranj or chess, Moksha Patam also known as snakes and ladders, and Chakaara which is like ludo. Later on few other games were added which included card games and betting on different races like Horse Race or Camel Race.

The Chess, Horse Race, and Card Game became very popular among the Indian Kings. The Card Game is still very popular among the Indians and on different occasions, Indians play this game.

Legality of Gambling in India(Satta Matka)

You all read above that how gambling is going on in India from a long period. But earlier at the time of Kings, there was no fine or law imposed for being a part of gambling activity and games.

Instead, it was taken as a pride, as everything used to be at stake. The kingdom, cities, even wives and even the life of those kings were also on the stake.

But in today’s era, the complete system has changed. And now the Gambling is considered as a crime in India and it’s an illegal act. Anyone found involved in the act of gambling is penalized according to the law of India. The person can be imprisoned or may have to pay a large sum of the amount as a fine for being involved in this activity.